Violin Rental Contract

Customer agrees to rent the designated instrument for a fee of $XXX per month.  The first three (3) months shall be paid up-front, with recurring billing on a monthly basis starting after the 90th day from signing.  The rental term shall last until the instrument has been returned to Heriz Music & Art.  Our rentals are for a minimum of 90 days.

Instrument Information

Instrument Violin   Monthly Rent $XXX
Make Heriz Music   Monthly Insurance Fee $XXX
Instrument Value $XXX   Monthly Sales Tax $XXX
Initial 90-day Charge $XXX   Total Monthly Charge $XXX

Customer Information

First Name: **** Last Name: ****  Tel #: ****

Address: ****  City: ****  State: **** Zip: ****

Social Security Number #:   ****

*Our insurance provider requires us to collect this information to safeguard against fraud and theft.

Drivers License #: ****   Expiration Date: ****

Student Name:   **** Grade: ****

Teacher’s Name: ****  School: ****


This rental agreement comes with an option to buy the instrument within the first year (12 months) from the date of signing, for the ‘Instrument Value’ listed above.  All rental fees will be applied to the purchase.

After the first year of rental (12 months), you may continue to rent the instrument for the same monthly fee, but all past and future rental fees will not be applied to a purchase.

Please do not sign this contract until you have read the entire contract.  Please retain a copy of this contract for your records.  By signing, you agree to monthly credit card charges as outlined in this agreement.

By signing below, I acknowledge and agree to the terms & conditions stated in this contract.

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